Management is very attentive to the residents and they take care of us. The food is okay. There is a good variety in the menu and the service is good. The servers work very hard. There are a lot of activities that you can participate in. My laundry is done every Monday. It is brought back to me and is very nicely folded. All I have to do is take it out of my basket and put it away. The housekeeping is very good too. They work very hard. The building is well maintained and the transportation is very nice. The nursing is very good. They are right there when you need them and that is the most important thing. They are very attentive to the residents.

Dorothy G (Self)

“My mother loves it here. She is Italian and so is the cook so she is loving the food. I have joined her myself a few time and found it to be really good. Mom is a very active lady and so far she has been able to stay busy here with all the activities they offer. All the staff here have been very nice and good at their jobs.”

Ed W (Son)

My wife and I moved into Bentley Commons just over one month ago and this community is as good as you get. Management is outstanding and the whole atmosphere is excellent. The food is excellent, it’s always on time, hot and well done and the servers are outstanding. They do an excellent job with the laundry and the housekeeping is really good as well.

Henry (Hank) W (Spouse)

Every time my father talks to me, he says he couldn’t be happier at this community. The servers are very kind to my father and the care staff are very sweet. Housekeeping and laundry are primo, they do a great job. The maintenance guy plants flowers and he does a great job as well. I hope they keep up the great work!

Cynthia C (Daughter & POA)

I have no complaint about the value. What ever I have asked for I have gotten. If I ever have a problem it is taken care of. The actvities are excellent and numerous. The in house activities are very good. The laundry has been excellent and the room is always kept clean and I can’t complain about that. The care has been outstanding. When I came here I was given a choices to have my meds given to me and I can’t say anything wrong about that. It has been excellent.

Edward L (Resident)

I think this was a hard move to make but it was a very good move to make.

Dave C (Son)

They’re so proactive with not letting anything slide, whether it’s a meal or activity, so they’re very good about making sure everyone’s needs are met. The management team is nice, caring, responsive and outgoing. We are always met with a smile and the Executive Director is a tremendous lady as is the lady in accounting because she is very good too. We had an issue, but she worked with us to make sure everything was resolved to their satisfaction as well as ours, so I can’t say enough good things about the management staff.

Paul B (Son)

The care staff was very good to my mom. The assisted living portion had great activities but when my mom’s memory went downhill that’s when they got creative and really tried to help my mom, I thought they were really awesome in that aspect. Management did an excellent job. Just their ease to talk with, their communication and it seemed like they would do everything they could to accommodate my mom. Maintenance definitely takes pride in their building. They decorated for the holidays and everything was nice and clean. The food was excellent as well.

Kent S (Son)

My mom’s very comfortable there. The staff are awesome and she’s very well taken care of. I don’t have to worry with her there.

Dolly N (Daughter)

I am very much satisfied after nearly three years here. It’s a good value and everything is wonderful.

Leatrice L (Resident)

I have been here for three years now and it is working out very, very well. I have no complaints at all. I am basically independent but if I need anything I don’t hesitate to call. I am very pleased with the meals. I have to say the activities are good. In regards to housekeeping, I have no complaints with them either. They do everything on time and as it should be done. I think the care givers do a good job. I think they have a well-rounded program going here and I am happy with everything.

Loretta H (Resident)

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