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Ten Fun Activities for Seniors in Memory Care

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A group of happy seniors enjoying a painting class.

If you have dementia, assisted living shouldn’t be a bore. Quite the opposite because keeping your mind and body active is a key part of memory care. There are plenty of fun activities you can participate in that can help keep your mind sharp and your time well spent.

Board Games

Board games, such as crosswords, word searches, and jigsaw puzzles, are great for improving memory and cognitive skills. These kinds of games can also include trivia nights and social events where you can work together or compete in memory games.

Pet Therapy

If you’ve ever gotten excited when going to a friend’s house who has a dog, you understand how fun it can be to spend time with a cuddly creature. Pet therapy involves interacting with animals to improve physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being.

This activity could be as simple as spending time with a dog or cat. However, it can also involve caring for an animal with the rest of your community. Destress by petting and cuddling with a cute animal, foster positive relationships, and embrace a positive and relaxing experience.


Reading is a great way to relax and enjoy creative works of fiction and non-fiction. Whatever your preferred genre, be it wartime epics, historical romance, or classic science fiction, reading can help you manage stress while keeping your mind active. 

Reading can also be a social activity. For example, you can have read-alouds and enjoy a good novel together. Afterward, feel free to discuss the story and share your thoughts and opinions with each other.

Create Art

Art therapy is more than a therapeutic technique. You can create art to express yourself, display your emotions, and engage your creativity. This activity could be painting, but it can also be creative crafts such as knitting. Ultimately, you will have accomplished something wholly of your own creativity while improving your memory and cognitive skills.

Listen to Music

Embrace your nostalgia by listening to your favorite music. Listening to music can be something as simple as sitting back and listening, or you may feel the energy to get up and dance or sing. In addition, sharing music with others can be a great way to bond and relax.

Garden Care

For those with a green thumb, there’s nothing like watching a garden flourish. The smells of dirt and herbs are a tangible reward for a well-managed green space. Gardening is a great way to see your accomplishments literally bloom, feel connected to nature, and create a beautiful communal space to live in.

Four senior citizens using a laptop together at a table surrounded by books and papers.

Stay Active

Exercise is not only good for your physical health but also your mental health. Not every activity needs to break a sweat, however. There are plenty of fun ways to get up on your feet, boosting your mood and reducing stress. This activity could be chair yoga, mini golf, bowling, and many more. 


Sometimes, the best thing to do is the simplest. For example, if you take a moment and take a breath, you can enjoy looking back on your history. For seniors in memory care, this can be a way to engage with your memory by looking through familiar items. 

These could be old photographs, videos, or treasured items. This activity can be a deeply personal exploration, but it can also be an excellent time to share stories with others about these memories. Because this doesn’t take much energy, it can be helpful if you don’t have movement capabilities.

Cooking and Baking

Everyone loves a cookie. Whether rolling dough or cooking pasta, making food keeps your mind active while your hands are busy. While it can be an independent activity, don’t underestimate the fun of working together to prepare a meal. You get to trade recipes and tips; in the end, you get to eat what you make!

Movie Nights

Whether it’s a classic or a new release, movie nights are a fun and social activity. You can enjoy your favorite films or try one you’ve never seen before. With snacks and good friends involved, watching a movie can be a stimulating activity where you can discuss the films with each other afterward.

There’s Always More to Do

Overall, it’s vital to keep up a variety of activities for seniors in memory care.

They can keep your mind engaged and active. They can help to improve cognitive skills, boost mood, and help you accomplish things you may have never done before.

Bentley Commons at Bedford offers a wide range of fun activities for seniors to take part in, ones designed specifically for unique needs. If you’re wondering what other events we provide with memory care, contact us to hear more about our services.

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