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How to Talk to Parents About Assisted Living

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An adult daughter and her elderly mother are sitting opposite each other, holding hands and talking about moving to an Assisted living community.

It can be difficult to think about moving into an assisted living facility. Most people are afraid that they’ll lose their independence, that it’ll change their life too much, or that they’ll just seem old. So how do you even talk to your parents about thinking about moving into one of these facilities?

The most important thing is to put a positive spin on the benefits of an assisted living facility. These aren’t tiny homes cut off from the life your parents know — assisted living is designed to allow them as much freedom as they need, but with staff around that can help them with the daily tasks they may struggle with. If you can no longer care for your parents, these facilities are an excellent way to ensure they’re well taken care of.

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How do I Convince My Parents that an Assisted Living Facility is a Good Idea?

It’s perfectly natural for your parents not to want to move out of their home into a new place. After spending years building a life where they are, there’s no surprise that your parents may be a little apprehensive about changing everything they know.

The most important thing is to remain respectful. At the end of the day, the decision is theirs, and theirs alone. Be honest, and communicate openly how you feel about the situation. 

Do they need daily help with smaller tasks? Is their health on the decline? Do they feel too isolated where they are? These are all things that are important to discuss. Listen to how they feel, and work together to figure out what the best options are for the situation.

Mention the benefits of living in an assisted living facility, and do some research on facilities near you. It could be that their life will change significantly less than they think! If there’s a facility in the neighborhood, or with people they know living there as a resident, they may be more open-minded to the change. 

Remember that assisted living facilities aren’t the same as retirement homes — residents still have their independence! They’re just in a place surrounded by trained staff to help with any problems that may arise.

What are the Benefits of an Assisted Living Facility?

Assisted living facilities are designed for people that need a little help with their day-to-day lives, but don’t need the constant medical aid offered by retirement homes. Usually, the residents live in their own rooms or apartments and have access to all sorts of different services offered by the facility.

At Bentley Commons, our assisted living facilities offer all sorts of premium amenities that we adjust depending on the resident’s needs. 

Some of these include 

  • Full maintenance for the interior and exterior of the unit
  • Weekly housekeeping
  • Fitness programs
  • Linen and laundry services
  • On-site hair salon
  • Private dining areas
  • Transportation services

Our fully trained staff are also available to help with any dressing or hygiene needs to ensure that our residents are fully taken care of. 

It’s Important to Socialize

As we get older, it’s common for people to feel more lonely; this is more common than ever with the effects COVID-19 had on our lives. The CDC reports that over 25% of adults over the age of 65 are socially isolated. With isolation leading to higher rates of depression and suicide, it’s important to make sure that your parents are surrounded by people that care about their well-being.

One of the biggest benefits of living in an assisted living facility is the social aspect. There are always going to be people nearby to chat with or to do activities with, and staff nearby to check in on them.

There are group activities that work as a good icebreaker, so you won’t need to worry about anybody feeling alone! 

Do my parents have to move to an assisted living facility?

At the end of the day, the decision whether or not to move into an assisted living facility is up to your parents. It can be challenging to make such a significant change to your life, and even more so to admit that you need help from others. 

These facilities exist solely to help. If your parents need help with their day-to-day lives but want to retain as much of their independence as possible, then these facilities may be right for them.

It’s important that when discussing this with your parents, you communicate honestly and openly. Let them know how much you care, and that you only want what’s best for them. Make sure you mention all the positive parts of living in an assisted living facility.To learn more about assisted living facilities and the options available to you, schedule a tour today! Our team of friendly and caring staff will be there every step of the way to make sure that the transition to assisted living goes as smoothly as possible.

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